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School District Employee Files Racial Discrimination Lawsuit After Losing Out on Promotion in Favor of Less Qualified Employee


If you have a public sector job that you have held for more than a few years, you are in a better position than most people.  You have more job security and more generous health insurance benefits than most people have, and you might even have a retirement pension; this counts as an embarrassment of riches in today’s economy, when most households live paycheck to paycheck, including some whose household income is more than $100,000.  Therefore, it is understandable why employees with stable jobs are willing to tolerate the annoyances of the workplace and look at the big picture, namely that they can provide stability for themselves and their families that most of their peers can only dream of.  What happens if the annoyances of the workplace become unbearable, if they are not simply annoyances but harassment and unfair treatment.  In cases like this, you can and should complain.  What happens if you complain, but your employer does nothing?  What if it seems like your employer is going out of their way to make things worse?  If your employer’s motivation for antagonizing you at work and ignoring your reasonable complaints comes down to a protected characteristic of yours, such as your race, gender, religion, or country of origin, you should contact a Los Angeles discrimination and harassment lawyer.

Veteran School District Employee Made Numerous Attempts at Resolving the Issue Without Litigation

This summer, the Civil Rights Division granted permission to an employee to sue the California school district where she has worked for 23 years, and she filed the lawsuit in August.  The plaintiff in this case is a Black woman who works in a management position in a school district; her office is in charge of purchasing and distributing materials for the district, and she supervises several hundred employees.

Throughout much of her tenure at the school district, the plaintiff has suffered mistreatment by her direct supervisor.  The supervisor would intentionally undermine the plaintiff’s work, such as by denying her access to important documents and excluding her from meetings, leaving her to make professional decisions based on incomplete information.  He would also humiliate her in front of coworkers.  On at least one occasion, he even sent racially insulting material through the mail to the plaintiff’s home address.  The final straw came when the plaintiff was eligible for a promotion, but the district went out of its way not to give it to her, instead bringing an inexperienced employee from the private sector.

The plaintiff filed several complaints about her supervisor’s behavior, first with his direct supervisor and then with the leadership of the school district itself.  Despite this, nothing got better.  In the current lawsuit, the plaintiff is seeking damages for the income she lost due to the denied promotion, plus compensation for the emotional distress she suffered due to the hostile work environment.

Speak With a Los Angeles Hostile Work Environment Lawyer

A Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyer can help you if your employer is creating a hostile work environment in your workplace.  Contact Litigation, P.C. in Los Angeles, California to discuss your situation or call (424)284-2401.


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