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Los Angeles Employment Contract Lawyer

The majority of states, including California, follow what is known as “at will employment” law, which means employees can be fired at any time and for nearly any reason. Some employees, though, are contracted workers and their employment position, salary, and other terms are outlined in an agreement. Many employment contracts are written, but they are also often verbal or implied. If an employer asks you to enter into any type of agreement, a Los Angeles employment contract lawyer can review the agreement and hold your employer accountable if they violate your rights.

What Should an Employment Contract Include?

Any time a dispute occurs within an employment relationship, any relevant contracts will become a factor, including those that are verbal. Employment contracts typically include the following elements:

  • The employee’s job responsibilities and obligations,
  • Requirements the employee must meet for continued employment, such as reaching a target sales figure,
  • The term of employment or the length a project is expected to last,
  • Compensation, including the wage or salary an employee will earn, as well as any potential bonuses or benefits they can expect to receive,
  • Any behavior or action that could nullify the terms of the contract, or could lead to termination of employment, and
  • Non-disclosure agreements, as long as they are specific to the job and are not considered too vague.

It is important to note that many employers will try to include a non-compete agreement within their employment contract. These are not only unenforceable in California, but they are also against the law. Any employer that forces an employee to sign a non-compete agreement may face legal action through a lawsuit if the worker forfeited a job or income or suffered harm as a result.

Filing a Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Employment contracts must not only be drafted properly to ensure they are enforceable, but employers must also abide by the terms outlined within the agreement. When an employer breaches the contract by wrongfully terminating the employee, or failing to comply with terms such as the wage the employee should receive, they can face legal action.

Most employment contracts contain clauses and provisions that outline the worker’s options in the event that a dispute arises. These clauses are typically intended to shield the employer from expensive litigation. Regardless of the terms of your employment contract, it is essential to speak to a Los Angeles employment contract lawyer any time you feel as though your employer has not upheld your rights.

Our Employment Contract Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Review Your Agreement

Whether an employer has just presented you with an employment contract, or you feel as though your employer has violated the terms of the contract, a Los Angeles employment contract lawyer can help. At Litigation, P.C., we know what employers should include in contracts, and what they cannot. We will also ensure your contract is fair and that you are not signing away your rights. For a confidential consultation with an experienced Los Angeles employment contract lawyer, contact Litigation, P.C., at 424-284-2401 or online to learn about your legal options. We routinely handle matters throughout SoCal.