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If you see something, say something. This idea, which is embedded in our laws, encourages people who witness fraud or criminal activity to come into the light and share what they know. But there are some issues. First, some people witness conduct which is immoral, in that it financially hurts another party, but might not technically be illegal. Second, when these people come forward, they don’t just need recognition. They also need protection.

These are the areas where a Los Angeles fraud report lawyer at Litigation, P.C., goes to work. We understand that whistleblowers usually do not see notoriety or a financial reward. Instead, they are only interested in making the world a better place. So, we look for ways to protect whistleblowers from unlawful retaliation. Frequently, this adverse action occurs long after the person comes forward. Fortunately for victims, these protections usually do not have a statute of limitations.

What and When to Report

We all have a moral duty to report illegal activity at work. Many of us have a legal duty to report it as well, especially if stockholders are involved. Some examples of illegal activity include:

  • Government Contract Fraud: The False Claims Act, a Civil War-era law which was significantly revised in the 1980s, protects whistleblowers who report overcharging and other issues in government contacts. These whistleblowers, like others, are usually entitled to a bounty.

  • Securities Fraud: Insider trading is the classic example of securities fraud. It’s generally illegal to buy or sell securities based on information which is not available to the trading public. Other forms of malfeasance include inflating profits or hiding losses in order to manipulate stock prices.

  • Intentional Financial Mismanagement: Whistleblowers who report unintentional mistakes usually aren’t entitled to protection, regardless of the magnitude of the error. But if the mistake was calculated to benefit one party and harm another one, whistleblower protection might be available.

A Los Angeles fraud reporting lawyer at Litigation, P.C., gives workers solid legal advice in this area. We also help these workers come forward. Usually, legal representation at the start helps these events have much better endings for the workers involved.

On a related note, you also have the right to report workplace discrimination, assault, harassment, and related matters. Current or future employers cannot retaliate against you if you assert your legal rights in this area.

Retaliation Protection

Employers often brazenly and openly retaliate against whistleblowers, especially if they do not have a Los Angeles fraud protection lawyer at their sides. Much more frequently, however, retaliation is very subtle. The law prohibits both activities.

Entry and exit level decisions, such as refusal to hire or termination, are the best examples of open retaliation. Frequently, employers make no secret of the link between the whistleblowing and the adverse action, to send a message to other workers.

Subtle retaliation can occur long after the whistleblower comes forward, mostly in the form of a future refusal to hire. Other subtle retaliation includes things like demotion, loss of overtime opportunities, reassignment, or loss of supervisory powers.

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