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Los Angeles Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Lawsuits and legal actions are complicated in any context, but the stakes are high for individuals and entities facing the prospect of real estate litigation. Many people do not realize how a tract of land is much more than ownership and title. Countless issues can arise related to usage, improvements, and structures, while many other disputes stem from real estate concepts you may not even be aware exist. Mineral rights under the property, the airspace above it, non-ownership interests, and many other matters make real estate litigation extremely complex. Plus, while some lawsuits are governed by California’s real estate statutes, many others are subject to common law concepts.

At Litigation, P.C., our team is prepared to advocate on your behalf in all areas of real estate litigation. We have vast experience in the courtroom, so you can trust us to pursue or defend your interests as necessary. Please contact our firm to set up a consultation with a Los Angeles real estate litigation lawyer today.

Comprehensive Legal Support in Real Estate Litigation

Considering the wide range of ownership issues, interests, parties, and other factors involved in disputes over property, there are numerous types of lawsuits that can arise. Litigation, P.C. handles all types of real estate cases, including residential and commercial properties. We advocate for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and other business entities of all sizes, and across all market sectors. Our attorney can assist cases such as:

  • Disputes over property lines and boundaries;
  • Disagreements regarding easements, including the physical land, the airspace above it, and interests that lie below the surface;
  • Partition actions, which involve splitting up the interests of joint owners who disagree over the disposition of real property;
  • Partnership or ownership disputes arising between co-owners or over co-ownership of the same property;
  • Failed purchase and sell agreements; and
  • Landlord-tenant disputes involving commercial properties;

Breach of Contract Involving Real Estate

When property is the subject of an agreement, disputes may involve legal concepts behind contract law and real estate matters. One of the most common disputes is breach of contract to buy and sell land, since there are numerous terms and conditions included in the agreement. Another factor that complicates breach of purchase contracts is that there may be multiple parties with varying interests.

Remedies in Real Estate Litigation

There are various options available in a real estate dispute, so an aggrieved party may be entitled to monetary damages to cover financial losses. However, California law also provides equitable remedies, where the court orders one party to take certain action.

Discuss Your Situation with Our Los Angeles Real Estate Litigation Attorney

There are many other aspects of real estate litigation we handle at Litigation, P.C. For a confidential consultation with an experienced Los Angeles real estate lawyer, contact Litigation, P.C., at 424-284-2401 or online to learn about your legal options. We routinely handle matters throughout SoCal.