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Can You Sue If Your Business Partner’s Big Ego Caused Your Business to Tank?


If you operate a business, there is a chance that it will close because of financial losses, with or without having first enjoyed a period of success.  If you operate the business with a partner, it is virtually guaranteed that you and your business partner will disagree about a great many things.  Plenty of friendships have ended when friends went into a business venture together, but the business failed, and each partner blames the other for the failure of the business.  Most disappointments in the world of entrepreneurship are a matter of, “That’s life,” and while things may never again be the same between you and your former business partner, most of the mistakes that contributed to the project’s failure, provided that it was preventable at all, are not grounds for a lawsuit.  You can sue a former business partner, however, if he or she defrauded you or acted with extraordinary negligence, among others.  If you are convinced that your business partner’s negligence was the main factor in the failure of your business venture, contact a Los Angeles business litigation lawyer.

Star’s Prima Donna Attitude Caused His Production Company Major Financial Losses

It is obvious to the inhabitants of Los Angeles, who are more likely than the general population to interact face-to-face with people they have previously seen on TV, that a person’s stage persona often bears little resemblance to the person’s behavior in real life.  Some people who portray jerks in most of their film and television roles are perfectly kind and personable when the cameras are not rolling.  By contrast, some of the most endearing characters in show business have been played by people you are lucky not to know personally.

In the early part of this century, a music star who wanted to venture into acting founded a production company for this purpose.  His business partner’s role was to help him find film roles.  She was able to get him several offers for roles in films being produced by major companies but, according to her version of events, his behavior always caused the negotiations to fall apart before filming could begin.  Although the star had cultivated a relatable everyman image in his music, he allegedly made unreasonable demands of the companies that offered to cast him in movies.  After the company closed in 2011, the business partner sued the star in Los Angeles, alleging that his unreasonable behavior, which she described as vindictive and paranoid, had caused the business venture to fail.  He in turn asked her to repay money he had paid her, alleging that the payment had been loans, but she insisted that it was retirement pay.

Speak With a Los Angeles Business Dispute Lawyer

A Los Angeles business litigation lawyer can help you if you discovered too late that you went into business with an egomaniac.  Contact Litigation, P.C. in Los Angeles, California to discuss your situation or call (424)284-2401.


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