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When state workers’ compensation laws first appeared in the early 1900s, the systems essentially presumed that injured workers were entitled to no-fault financial benefits. Furthermore, insurance companies usually charged reasonable premiums, so there was plenty of money to go around. Times have changed. Today, insurance company interests dominate the claims process. Furthermore, state lawmakers often artificially limit insurance premiums in the name of bringing business to the state. So, there is less money to go around.

In this environment, you need an experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation claims lawyer from Litigation, P.C., on your side. Insurance company lawyers often recycle the same two or three defenses in these claims. So, whatever the insurance company throws at you, our experienced professional team has probably seen it before. As such, we know how to power through these obstacles and obtain maximum compensation for your serious work-related injury or illness.

Covered Injuries

Falls are the best example of a workplace trauma injury. Other examples include electrocutions and injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. These injuries are usually unintentional and often very expensive. In fact, the average injury-related hospital bill often exceeds $50,000.

Workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance. So, even if the employee was partially, mostly, or entirely responsible for the accident, full compensation is usually available. More on that below.

Hearing loss exemplifies the issues in an occupational disease claim. These illnesses occur slowly over time. Exposure to noises above 35 decibels, which is basically an elementary school cafeteria’s noise level, could cause permanent hearing loss.

Most people do not just hear loud noises at work. They hear them in their off-hours as well. Furthermore, most hearing loss victims do not immediately see doctors at the first sign of injury. So, their conditions deteriorate. Generally, insurance companies cannot use excuses like a pre-existing condition as an excuse to reduce or deny benefits.

Sometimes, occupational disease injuries are not entirely unintentional. Many employers ignore known risks and refuse to provide workers with hearing protection or train them in its use. These victims might be able to sue outside the system and obtain compensation for their noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.

Compensation Available

Usually, workers’ compensation financial benefits include lost wage replacement and medical bill payment.

Most injured workers receive two-thirds of their average weekly wage for the duration of a temporary disability. The average weekly wage includes regular and irregular cash and non-cash compensation. If the victim is permanently disabled, a lump sum payment is usually available.

Commonly, insurance company lawyers short-change victims in these situations by failing to properly calculate the average weekly wage (“AWW”). This determination requires more than a calendar and a calculator. The AWW must also account for future losses, such as missed overtime opportunities, if these losses fall within the recovery period.

The medical bill payment benefit usually applies to all reasonably necessary medical expenses. This category usually includes emergency treatment, follow up care, transportation costs, prescription drugs, and occupational or physical therapy.

Usually, the insurance company pays these costs directly. If the insurance company delays payment, a Los Angeles workers’ compensation claims attorney can usually convince providers to delay billing until the case is resolved.

Work With a Thorough Los Angeles County Workers’ Comp Claim Attorney

The law guarantees equal opportunity for everyone. For a confidential consultation with an experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation claim lawyer, contact Litigation, P.C., at 424-284-2401 or online to learn about your legal options. We routinely handle matters throughout SoCal.