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Class action lawsuits start as an individual legal action brought by one or more people. The people within a class action have been wronged in the same manner, or in a very similar manner. Many people think class actions are only reserved for the biggest and highest-profile cases, but that is not true. Class actions are beneficial for everyone because they provide an efficient way to correct wrongs. If you feel as though you and your co-workers have a case against your employer, contact our Los Angeles employment class action lawyer today.

How are Class Actions Brought?

Employees may have a class action lawsuit any time they are all wronged in the same way by their employer. To start a class action lawsuit, one employee must volunteer to act as the “lead”or “representative” plaintiff. This individual initiates the lawsuit on behalf of a class of other workers.

The court will decide whether it will certify the class, which is a process of determining whether a class action is the best option to manage the multiple claims. If the plaintiffs are awarded damages, the lead plaintiff is often awarded a higher percentage of compensation in exchange for standing up for the rights of the entire class.

Benefits of an Employment Class Action Lawsuit

People often wonder why they would file a class action instead of bringing an individual legal action on their own. There are many benefits to being part of a class action and they include:

  • Less concern about retaliation: It is not uncommon for employees to fear that their employer will retaliate against them for bringing a lawsuit. When multiple employees are involved in the same case, it makes retaliation much more challenging for the employer. It is much easier to punish one employee than most or all of them.
  • Employees are treated equally: When individual employees bring many claims against their employer, some may fare better than others with their case. In a class action employment lawsuit, all plaintiffs are treated equally.
  • Preserve court resources: Court resources are preserved in a class action lawsuit because only one case sits before a judge, rather than hundreds or thousands, which would create a serious backlog.
  • Stopping Illegal Conduct: Of course, the biggest advantage class action employment lawsuits bring is that they force an employer to stop with their wrongful or illegal actions.

Although an employment class action lawsuit has many benefits for those that participate in it, these advantages are only realized when a class is successful with their case. A Los Angeles employment class action lawyer will help ensure a positive outcome with your case.

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If you and your co-workers believe your employer has violated your rights and you want to take legal action, call our Los Angeles employment class action lawyer today. At Litigation, P.C., our skilled attorney knows how to make things right and will help you and other employees collect the damages you deserve. Call us today at 424-284-2401 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.