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Los Angeles Employee Relocation Lawyer

Thousands of people that do not live in the city or state are offered new jobs in Los Angeles every year. When making these job offers, employers sometimes also make certain promises to entice employment candidates to the position. When employees arrive in the city, they then find that the position is no longer available, or that they will not receive the salary they had been promised. In these cases, workers are left with the expenses of moving, as well as a lack of income to pay for them.

Fortunately, California law does provide a remedy for these situations. Anyone that has moved to the state for a job only to find it was not what they had been promised should speak to a Los Angeles employee relocation lawyer that can help with their case.

California Labor Code 970

California Labor Code 970 makes it illegal for employers to knowingly make false promises to potential employees regarding the length of time they will be employed and the nature of future work to entice the worker to move to another city. More specifically under this section of the Code, employers are prohibited from encouraging employees to work for them by making false representations about the following:

  • The availability of work,
  • The type of work available,
  • The length of time the work will remain available,
  • The housing and sanitary conditions for the work, and
  • The existence of a labor dispute that could potentially affect the work.

Employers often make the above misrepresentations because they know they do not have the means to pay the promised salary even after offering it. Or, an employer may have different responsibilities in mind for the employment candidate, but they want the employee to accept the job offer. Regardless of the reason, when employers intentionally lie so an employment candidate will relocate, it is against the law.

Who is Covered Under the Law?

Many people think the law only applies to employment candidates from outside the state. Being that they may have the most to lose, the law does apply to them. However, it also applies to anyone that relocates for a job within the state, or those who move to another state from California based on a written or oral statement from the employer. If that statement or statements are then found to be false regarding the terms of employment, the employer can then be held liable.

Our Employee Relocation Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help with Your Case

If an employer has falsely promised you an employment condition, a certain salary, or other condition of employment so that you would relocate, a Los Angeles employee relocation lawyer can provide the sound legal advice you need. You may be entitled to compensation, including double damages for moving expenses, and more. For a confidential consultation with an experienced Los Angeles employee relocation lawyer, contact Litigation, P.C., at 424-284-2401 or online to learn about your legal options. We routinely handle matters throughout SoCal.