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Los Angeles Debt Collection Lawyer

Creditor’s Rights: What You Need to Know

At Litigation, P.C. our experienced Los Angeles debt collection lawyer represents creditors seeking debt collection services. We work tirelessly to resolve these important financial matters as quickly as possible because we know how important it is for you to find closure and move on with your business. If you are owed money for the sale of your goods or services, a commercial debt, loan or a line of credit you offered someone, we may be able to help you recover those funds.

We resolve debt collection matters through:

  • Constant communication with our client regarding the debt collection process.
  • Quickly locating the debtor.
  • Contacting the debtor in all possible legal ways in order to seek full payment of the debt.
  • Filing all necessary claims for legal action if the debt cannot be collected after our attempts.
  • Litigating the matter if and when necessary.

Our Los Angeles debt collection attorney has represented leasing companies, accounting firms, financial service providers, lenders, and other institutions who are seeking to resolve debt-related matters. As litigators, we are fully capable of representing you and fighting for quick and successful debt collection for you and your company without harassing letters or phone calls.

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As business owners and professionals, your plate is already incredibly full with your day-to-day business needs. When it comes to the added stressor of collecting debts you are owed, let us take on that job for you. We are dedicated to our clients’ best interests, no matter how complicated the case may be.

When you need your debts collected, call our Los Angeles debt collection lawyer from Litigation, P.C. at 424-284-2401.