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When it comes to dealing with insurance companies, most people end up frustrated and confused. When insurance companies abuse their role or fail to do the job they have been paid and entrusted to do, it may be necessary to retain legal support to pursue compensation. At Litigation, P.C., our Los Angeles bad faith lawyer advocatze for clients seeking justice to be served when insurance companies act in bad faith. “Bad faith” encompasses a wide variety of issues that can be explained by your attorney at an initial consultation you schedule with us in our office.

An insurance company can act in bad faith by:

  • Denying a valid claim that would be covered under the insurance policy.
  • Only paying a part of the benefits of a claim.
  • Delaying a full investigation of a claim.
  • Delaying the payment of a claim.

When you retain a Los Angeles bad faith insurance lawyer from our firm, we will review the details of your case, determine what action can be taken against the insurance company, and advocate for your rights and a successful outcome on your behalf. As a fierce litigator, Litigation, P.C. is proud to represent our clients in all types of bad faith insurance practice matters.

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Call the Los Angeles insurance bad faith lawyer at Litigation, P.C. as soon as possible at 424-284-2401 to schedule a case evaluation in our office.